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Velcro-free and Adjustable knee Wrap
H008 is one of our best knee brace and patella brace products providing hinged knee support. We sell some of the best body support and brace products on the market. Contact us to get a custom quote. 1. Excellent support: Reinforced silicon pad and side stabilizers with 2pcs spring to hold the patella or knee cap in proper position without slip or loosen even wearing for a long time, effectively relieves pressure and helps to reducing knee joint fatigue from intense exercises and heavy usage. 2. Super comfortable: Made of the self-adhesive material with an open patella design and breathable soft fabric by 3M, allows moisture wicking and Promoting heat dissipation thus prevents wet or stuffy on your knee. 3. Adjustable Size:Our knee support can be fully adjusted with the self-adhesive strip,offering a perfet tight fit for almost anyone.
Button-Free Patient-Short Pants
1. It can be done hand for taking gowns on or off , no need other helper. 2. With self adhesive features, easy to wear the gowns off . 3. Easy to clean the patient’s body. 4. Comfortable wearing like customized clothes, no worry for Clothes emptied.5. Using high quality 100% cotton, comfortable, good sweat-absorbent and quick dry . 6. Customized inquiry welcome.
Button-Free Hospital gowns
1.With the self- adhesive strap , it replaces button or tie kont traditional design for hospital gown , reduce the contact from germs .2.No need other helper for taking off the gown .3.Dimensional cutting & edge design , mach the size of patients freely .4.Made in Taiwan and bettr quality.

About Us

Apixu Industrial Corporation was founded in Dec. 2015. A group of experienced men established the company together. With development and production, they dedicated themselves to products related to easy to wear on/off patient gowns, noise-free baby products and protective clothing (soft and fit to body). There is no need for Velcro, zipper, tie and button.
Among them, in order to avoid "letting the caregiver become the next caregiver" and alleviating the suffering of the patient, the easy-to-wear treatment can avoid stuffiness, heat, itching, and damage to the skin. Just a caregiver or relative can help you with mental retardation, disability, long-term bedtime or long-term wheelchair use, changing clothes and scrubbing your body. This series of products has been patented in Japan, Taiwan, and China.
The philosophy of Apixu is to help people health and deliver heat and love to every corner of the world. We do our utmost to fulfill the needs of customers. Besides providing appropriate products for customers, we aim to provide service beyond customers' expectations and make them feel the light, heat, hope and love from the company.


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